About My Images

Alan Tonnesen, aka PhotographerOfTx.com, is based in Spicewood, Texas. Links to my galleries of fine art color and black and white, b/w, photographic images of Texas and elsewhere. My surroundings are my inspiration, whether on a back woods trail, in my own yard, or in a city. If it catches my eye, it belongs in my catalog of images. I do tend to focus on the smaller, detailed things rather than sweeping landscape images. But, even the latter find their way into my archives. 

My father exposed me to photography very early. By the time I became a Boy Scout, we had a dark room in the basement of our house and as he purchased new cameras, I inherited the old ones. He mostly shot color slides - many of which I have scanned and refurbished. I shot mostly in black and white - a cheaper way to learn. 1953-01-001----alandlrcamera

Then life kicked in, college, marriage, medical school, residency. But my camera kept clicking away and I was able to cobble together a darkroom to develop my film and make prints and enlargements. As I shot more and more color slides, the processing forced me to out of the dark room action. I don't miss the smelly, messy chemical soups, but I did miss not being able to contral the image from development to print. 

With the coming of digital photography, I was thrilled and jumped in soon after the first digital cameras reached the consumer market. I continued shooting slides until 2008, but as the digital technology approached and then exceeded the quality of even the best slide film, I shot fewer and fewer frames on film. I sold my last film camera this year after it sat in its case alone for about 4 years.